To some extent the municipal land of Prato Sesia borders south on Mount Fenera Wildlife Reserve, appointed by a regional Act on 30th march 1987 by Piedmont Board aiming at the preservation of limestone of Mount Fenera with its paleontologic features unique in the Western Alps.

Besides Prato Sesia the Reserve includes the hills north Grignasco, Cavallirio and Boca (Novara province), Borgosesia and Valduggia (Vercelli province).
This area is a picturesque landscape all vineyards.
There are also some important historical-documentary and architectural remains such as Boca shrine, the ruins of S. Genesio's castle at Grignasco and of Robiallo at Bettole.
The hamlets of Ara, Colma, Castagnola and Maretti by the river Sesia and in Valduggia valley still show their first establishment. At Sorgano the typical "Taragn" can be seen, these are country cottages with roofs made of rye, they are going to be more appreciated in the whole plan of "Ecomuseum" of country life.
On Bastà peak, the top of Mount Fenera, there is a cross raised in the early 1900 that has been recently restored.

(By Mount Fenera Wildlife Reserve Board)

A picturesque and perfect route for walks is the 1 hour easy path (road sign # 784) that from via Vaglio, in the municipal land of Prato Sesia, takes to Boca shrine.

The limestone creates typical enchanting hollows, gorges and swallow-holes.
On the mountain there are some remarkable, speleologically speaking, caves where remains of fossil animals that lived once on Fenera have been found (cave bear, Merck rhino, cave lion).

The peculiar chemical composition of the limestone favours the survival of a rare vegetation that in this part of Piedmont can be found only on this Mount.
Hart's-tongue, Iris Graminea, spurge laurel and Pulmonaria must be mentioned, in this area over 800 different botanic species have been classified.

The reserve is rich in forest fauna: martens, roe deers, badgers, birds such as the Muratore woodpecker, the turtledove, the wryneck and above all some daily birds of prey such as the peregrine that lives on the rocks and the harrier eagle that lives in the moors.
Fenera is the only Reserve in Italy that hosts the nest-building of the very rare black stork, after centuries this has come back to Italy to nest.
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