Although typical cookery of Prato Sesia can not be named, a simple and tasty folk cookery, influenced by nearby areas such as Novara and Valsesia, must be mentioned.
In the local restaurants some typical appetizers can be sampled.

"Salam d'la duja" a soft salami potted with lard, "Fidighina" pork lever Bologna sausage seasoned with spices, "Marzapani" made of pork blood and bread and "Sanguinacci" made of blood and potatoes.

A typical starter is "Paniscia" rice with lard, vegetables, salami browned in oil and wine.
Well-known main courses are "Tapulòn", donkey stewed mincemeat and "Merluzzo in umido" (stewed cod) both served with polenta and "Burdon  cotti", browned turnip with sausages.
A special side dish is "Rustiscion" a crispy potato pie.

Typical cheese are "Gorgonzola" (blue cheese), one of the most famous Italian cheese and "Toma" from Valsesia, a tasty mountain cheese.
Finally chestnuts must be mentioned, Castagnaccio is a typical cake made of chestnut flour and "Roast chestnuts" are roasted in October and November in the squares, an event called "Castagnata".



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